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The Black Swans Podcast

The show that spotlights women in finance


"Running a wealth management firm is a vocation that gives me great joy."


Suzanne is the owner and President of Lundeen Abrams Advisors, LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm.


She lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota with her husband, Josh, and two sons, Felix and Arlo and their new pandemic puppy, Monty.


Suzanne has been advising clients for 15 years and has done so in various iterations of her current firm. 


Suzanne is a trusted advisor to her clients and a friend to many. She loves meeting new people and is a natural connector. Having grown up in the western 'burbs of Minneapolis, her sense of community is deeply felt. She enjoys lifting others up and making an impact.


Her mission to serve independent women by guiding them through life transitions means her office is a refuge of sorts. She hopes when people come into her space, they feel a sense of relief that they can let everything go and be honest about what is going on in their lives. Getting to the core of her clients' wishes and dreams allows her to support them on the path toward creating the life and legacy of their dreams. Although she runs her firm independently, her business model incorporates a team of other important advisors including CPAs and attorneys and a variety of other professionals depending on the particular planning needs. 


Suzanne is an avid reader and can't get enough of reading about the world. She looks forward to travelling again because she loves exploring museums and architecture and learning about other cultures.


Economic and investment topics are her jam and she's a magnet to anything that involves the intersection of women and economics. She aims to help women to utilize their strengths to overcome the innate challenges they face due to caregiving responsibilities and unpaid or underpaid work. She believes in harnessing the power of the purse. Women who leverage their wealth in powerful ways can drive positive social change since women in the U.S. control 11.2 trillion of the nation's investable assets as decision-makers. Creating powerful wealth strategies for women is Suzanne's primary vocation.


There are many tools that she uses to help her clients. She prioritizes putting insurance in place to protect assets and provide security. This can include life, disability, and long term care insurance. Insurance is an important tool to amplify giving and to exponentially increase one's philanthropic power. 


She wants to teach women to think big and dream big. Coaching her clients through the steps of envisioning goals, setting steps in place to achieve them and then implementing those steps can allow for magical things to happen. 


When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, gardening and landscape design, practicing yoga and vegetarian cuisine. She also plays violin and has recently enjoyed jamming on a new electric violin with her band in a socially-distanced manner.   

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As Spotlight’s CIO, Shana oversees all aspects of the investment platform ranging from overall strategy, implementation, and communication to clients and prospects.  As part of her role she will be responsible for leading the Investment Policy Committee and implementing enhanced due diligence for investment selection. 


Shana has nearly two decades of industry experience at leading investment firms, primarily in Boston and Chicago. Prior to joining Spotlight, Shana served as Director of Investment Due Diligence & a Senior Portfolio Manager with Orion Advisor Solutions. At Orion, she was tasked with building the firm’s in-house due diligence group. Establishing the framework on investment strategy review & analysis for the Orion Portfolio Solutions Turnkey Asset Management Program & Model Marketplace. In addition, Shana served as co-manager for the firm’s tax-managed direct indexing suite of separately managed accounts & was the firm’s subject matter expert on Alternative Investments. Shana also brings a vast background in market research and analysis through various roles held at Ariel Investments, Fidelity Investments’ Strategic Advisor Inc., Mercer Investments, Peak Financial Management, and Russell Investments. 


Shana is a sought after speaker & media contributor, appearing frequently at industry events and on major financial news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. 


Shana earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst before receiving her Master of Business Administration Degree from Bentley University’s McCallum School of Business. She is a proud holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. 

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